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TEKNOBAK Specialize in the following fields

  • A.for PCB Production branch; (PCB Division)
    -CNC Drilling&Routing m/c -PCB Base materials
    -Functional test m/c -Chemicals for Cooper plating.
    -Multilayer presses(CNC)
    -UV,IR furnaces
    -Dry-film Laminators.
    -Exposure m/c
    -Curtain coater
  • -Spray coater
    -Loaders,unloaders and transfer m/c
    -Sawing m/c
    -Step & Repeat for photo tools
    -Scoring m/c
    -Plating Lines(Chemical and electrolytic)for PCB
  • B.Surface treatment and finishing lines; (Plating Division)
    -Metal Plating
    -PCB Plating
  • C. Hybrid Production branch ; (Microelectronic Division)
    -Laser trimming m/c -Resistance pastes
    -Printing m/c -Conductivity pastes
    -Curing furnace
    -Pick and Place m/c
    -Thin-lead application m/c
  • D. Electronically Assembly and Test (Assembly and Test Division)
    -Pick and Placer m/c
    -Tin lead application m/c
    -Pinning and deepening m/c
    -Inserter Tester
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