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  1. KRAFT ELEKTRONIK Sweden, Rectifiers for electroplating.http://www.kraftelektronik.se
  2. HAKUTO CO. Japan,Cut sheet Cut sheet Laminator,automatic exposure m/c,hole counter etc.
  3. MEC plating chemicals for PCB
  4. Mania Group Laser plotters,cnc drill m/c,bare board tester and softwarehttp://www.maniagroup.com
  5. BEMATECH Schelling,Smid,Saw machineries http://www.schelling.com
  6. PILL Wet processing lines for PCB production http://www.pill-germany.com  
  7. EKRA Screen printers for Assembly processing http://www.ekra.com
  8. KANSAI DENSHI Machineries for PCB and project managment for PCB Production.
  9. C-SUN Machineries for PCB http://www.csun.com.tw


  1. ELECTRA Polymer chemicals for PCB Production,solder mask,carbon paste,silver paste,etch inks etc. http://www.electrapolymers.com
  2. MEC EUROPE Chemicals for PCB Production,Organic passivations,Direct metalization.
  3. GOO Chemicals Chemicals for PCB.
  4. KOLON Dry Film for PCB.
  5. Rogers Corporation&ARLON ,Base materials for RF.
  6. SENTREX Materials for Multilayer PCB Production.
  7. EMIL OTTO Solder Flux


19-LUMIPLAS (www.lmp-lumiplas.com)Sales and service representative for Turkiye

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